Accessing Life is dedicated to addressing the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in media by discussing existing depictions of disabilities in media, documenting & showcasing the experinces & achievements of actual individuals with disabilities, and producing our own original content featuring the creative talents & visions of disabled individuals.


Our Founder

Megan E. Jennings 


I've used a wheelchair since I was 2; I'm now 28. As a child, I, like everyone, yearned to see myself reflected in media & my parents went to great lengths to find any positive portrayal of people with disabilities.* I filled my mind with these characters and their stories; they inspired me to live life to the fullest. Even as a child, I knew these stories to be important for both empowering disabled individuals & enlightening those without disabilities, as they normalize disability by humanizing disabled characters. As an adult, I'm even more aware of this &, as an entertainer & writer who uses a wheelchair, I'm determined to do all I can to ensure the telling of such tales.

*Despite the disabled community being one of the largest worldwide minorities (an estimated 16-20% of the world's population has a disability), inclusion of disabled characters in media is disproportionately rare (especially in positive & realistic portrayals).

Projects To Look Forward To 


DIStinctively ABLED

  • a regularly scheduled webcast dedicated to discussing the depiction of disabilities in media

You Wouldn't Believe It

  • a regularly scheduled blog documenting the experiences of everyday people who just happen to have disabilities

Megan's Monthly Mentions

  • a special monthly podcast in which Megan highlights the achievements of individuals with disabilities from either history or current events

Untitled Projects In Development
  • a play exploring the experinces of both physical and emotional paralysis
  • a regularly scheduled series of 'funny because it's true' comedy-sketches about life with disabilities
  • a webseries of scenes from various well-known stage & screen productions as reimagined, adapted, and recast with disabled performers
  • a Ballet, featuring both dancers with various disabilities & those without disabilities, which explores humanity's shared experinces
  • a regularly scheduled series of short films either starring and/or written/produced/directed/crewed by individuals with various disabilies
  • an original animated fairytale about twin princesses, one with a physical disability & one with a mental illness, as they adventure to save their kingdom from an encroaching army by discovering the true villan behind the invasion, finding within themselves a strength they never knew they had, earning the respect & admiration of their subjects, and even finding their soulmates & falling in love along the way
(more TBA)

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